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This website is currently focused on showcasing the photography of David and Elizabeth Alpert. The digital photo age has made it possible to share art and experiences like never before. Other aspects of Alpert Design will be added when appropriate. We hope you enjoy and return to visit periodically.


David Alpert founded Alpert Design in 1986 as a consulting design firm. He has successfully completed numerous projects in Aerospace, Special Effects, Theme Parks, Transportation, Commercial and Military design.

David has also been an avid photographer for many years and it was one of his majors in college. His portfolio includes Industrial and Nature photographs and he's always looking for new subjects and photo opportunities.

Alpert Design is located in Southern California.




This photo of David was taken on the Matanuska Glacier in Alaska.

by Elizabeth Alpert



Elizabeth Alpert is an avid photographer and has been taking pictures for several years. She enjoys photographing nature and architecture.

Elizabeth is currently attending High School in Southern California and is studying design and architecture.


This photo of Elizabeth was taken at Point Woronzof in Alaska.

by David Alpert





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